Resistive foil strain test using Multimeter

Here is a small Resistive foil sensor that is used to measure the strain that occurs on an object.

The strain sensor foil can be easily attached to any object by just sticking to the object that is under test.

When the object that is to be tested is strained or deformed the strain foil also gets the same effect, the electrical resistance of the foil changes when the foil is deformed or strained.

The change in resistance can be detected using a Wheatstone bridge arrangement.

Now we will evaluate the sensor in a very simple way without any Wheatstone bridge just to check the change in resistance of the strain foil.

Material Required

  • Strain foil sensor
  • A paper or any other flexible object to mount the strain sensor
  • An Ohm meter or any mutimeter that will read the resistance.

The connection that is to be made is very simple, connect the multimeter leads to the two ends of the strain sensor terminals.

Be careful while connecting, the terminals of the strain sensor is very delicate.

resistive foil

Now put the multimeter in the Ohm range, and gently bend the paper or the flexible object.

You can see the variation in the resistance that is happening while you strain the object.

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