all rise to Pine64……

Hello ppl, after BB followed by Pi there seemed to be a long gap for next SBC (single board champ) but the wait is over and PINE64 is here. Its up for grabs from ADHIRATECH. Lets gets some quick heads-up on PINE64.

PINE64 was launched in late 2015 through kickstarter, now its all gets serious and buckled up with 36K+ backers and close to 1.8 million dollars in funding. This is first SBC with  64BIT ARM based AllWinner A53 QuadCore SoC underneath the hood and supported by 2GB RAM and whole lot of periph options like dual USB, WiFi-BT combo(not on-board), ethernet, sdcard, 4K hdmi, euler port, csi, audio and bunch of GPIOs to play – not just for blinking LEDs.

As soon as we got it here in Bengalooru, we were all curious to boot it up and check out few things. Here is a Video of what we did but before that steps to boot it up successfully.

  • Download image from here, this is a debian based image. You can try other images here
  • Download WIN32 Disk Imager and SD Formatter.
  • Format your 16GB Micro SD card as fat32
  • Download the debian image downloaded into Micro SD card using WIN32 Disk Imager.
  • Plug in the Micro SD Card into Pine64, connect HDMI-HDMI cable and suitable monitor (don’t use HDMI to DVI)
  • Plug in USB keyboard and Mouse
  • Plug in 5V/2A micro USB adapter and power it up
  • Below is what you can try……

In the video we used PINE64 2GB version.

we tried a 720p video (1280×720) on a 42 inch HDTV

So what is that you are waiting for, grab you PINE64 now at adhiratech, we have stocked quite a few for you folks.


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