HackOne RF Software Installation procedure for windows

Set Up Guide (Tested on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32/64 Bit)

Download & Install Software

 Purchase an HackOne RF. The cheapest and best for most applications is the HackOne RF. Information on purchasing one can be found here.

  1. SDRSharp is the easiest and most commonly used software defined radio software receiver for the HackOne RF -SDR. Go to http://www. http://airspy.com/download/ and find the download button. Click the SDR# rev 1430 & ADSBSpy and download button to download  zip.
  1. Note that you must have the Microsoft .NET 3.5 redistributableinstalled to use SDRSharp. Most modern Windows PCs should already have this installed by default, but older PCs running XP may need this to be installed in order to run SDR#.
  1. Extract (unzip) sdr_install.zip to a folder.


  1. Double click on install.bat from within the extracted folder. This will start a command prompt that will download SDRSharp and all the files required to make SDRSharp work with HackOne RF. Everything will be placed into a new folder within the sdr-install folder called “sdrsharp”. The command prompt will automatically close when it is done.step2
  2. Plug in your HackRF one and do not install any of the software that it came with (if any), but ensure you let plug and play finish attemptingto install it. If you’ve already installed the software drivers that came on the CD bundled with some dongles, uninstall them first.
  1. Open the newly created sdrsharp folder. Find the file zadig.exe. Right click this file and select “Run as administrator” if using Windows Vista/7/8. If you are using Windows XP, download and run theXP version from this page.
  1. In Zadig, go to “Options->List All Devices” and make sure this option is checked.


  1. Select “Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0)” or HackRF one from the drop down list. Ensure that WinUSB is selected in the box next to where it says Driver. (Note on some PCs you may see something like HackOne RF instead of the bulk in interface. This is also a valid selection). (Do not select “USB Receiver (Interface 0)” however).step4
  2. Click Install Driver. You might get a warning that the publisher cannot be verified, but just accept it by clicking on Install this driver software anyway. This will install the drivers necessary to run the dongle as a software defined radio. Note that you may need to run zadig.exe again if you move the dongle to another USB port, or want to use two or more dongles together.


  1. Open SDRSharp.exe. Set the drop down box at the top next to the Play button to HackOne RF. Press Play. Your rtl-sdr software radio should now be set up and ready to use! If everything has worked you should be able to start tuning to frequencies.

We will come up with few examples in our next blog!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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