Setting up Apache and PHP in Raspberry Pi 2

Apache is a very popular Web Server Web Application where you can install on Raspberry Pi 2 which provides you various web pages for your requirement.Apache can provide you various HTML Pages along with other Powerful  Scripting Languages like PHP. Let us  see the installation go Apache in Raspberry Pi 2: sudo apt-get update sudo […]


Object detection and tracking is an important area in the field of robotics. The Pan and tilt module that is perfectly designed by Adhira Technologies to suit all the needs of mounting the imaging sensor such as camera to perform the pan and tilt mechanism. The whole assembled setup of the Adhira Pan and tilt […]

Raspberry Pi 2 can run Processing 2.2.1

Hello Folks! This week tutorial again we back to Arduino and Raspberry Pi  2, but with one more person “Processing“.For more details about Processing click here.Due to performance and stability of new Raspberry Pi 2,we have attempted an installation of latest Processing for our customers.For installation we need java support and serial library support for […]

Resistive foil strain test using Multimeter

Here is a small Resistive foil sensor that is used to measure the strain that occurs on an object. The strain sensor foil can be easily attached to any object by just sticking to the object that is under test. When the object that is to be tested is strained or deformed the strain foil […]