9 DOF with MPU9150

      We all love if multiple entities are integrated into a small package, tiny looks – quickly hooks. Here we bring out a break-out board of 9DOF, its MAKE IN INDIA pals, housing a complex MEMS sensors MPU9150, Gyro, Accelerometer and Magnetometer in a tiny package and hell yeah it does not stop here […]

Opening the BOX – Embedded Industrial Computer by Chipsee

Adhiratech  back with more products  after  the weekend…. Here we have an excellent Industrial computer for the industrial IOT and HMI application’s by Chipsee Being the sole distributor for chipsee products in India and here we launch the Industrial computers which comes with all the peripherals expanded  out for Industrial IOT Automation. Let’s check out […]

Triple Axis Accelerometer ADXL335 with ARDUINO

Triple Axis Accelerometer ADXL335 with ARDUINO G-Force, lets measure it in all three axis. Adhira Technologies is proud to bring out our very own avatar of Triple Axis Accelerometer  break-out board. Our leap into MAKE IN INDIA campaign. A very simple to use plug and play breakout, small foot print and low power. This triple axis accelerometer is based […]

HackOne RF Software Installation procedure for windows

Set Up Guide (Tested on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32/64 Bit) Download & Install Software  Purchase an HackOne RF. The cheapest and best for most applications is the HackOne RF. Information on purchasing one can be found here. SDRSharp is the easiest and most commonly used software defined radio software receiver for the HackOne RF -SDR. Go to http://www. http://airspy.com/download/ […]

Interfacing TCRT5000 proximity sensor to FreeSoC2

The Proximity sensor has an IR led and a Photo detector to detect. The basic purpose of a proximity sensor is to perceive occurrence of any object without being in contact with it. A proximity sensor makes a field around it by emitting IR beams from the IR LED. The beam of radiations traces any […]

Introduction to HACKONE RF by Ahdira HackoNe team

  Software-defined radio (SDR) is a technique for turning a computer into a radio. But not just an AM/FM radio – by using the computing power on your desktop you can listen and decode a wide variety of broadcasts. SDR can turn your computer into a weather-band receiver, a police/fire report scanner, a music listening […]


FreeSoC2 controlling the AC devices. It’s time to do something with the 230V AC that is the normal hot line that is powering the appliances in every home, SO our FreeSoC is going to control those gadgets. It can be done from your android mobile wirelessly. It’s an interesting setup that’s requires a 5V relay, […]

Logic Gates implementation using FreeSoc2 Cypress FPGA

Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Computers Laptops. GREAT DIGITAL WORLD But have you ever imagined where from all these digital came from? Yes! it’s the “Logic gates” that are used to form the complex CPUs that execute our complex mind in a fraction of a second. There are millions of transistors to say it’s a “0” or “1”. […]